Auto Insurance Quotes

Auto insurance quotes are not unlike many other products for which you shop online. You truly need to shop around for them. Take a look at this list of 3 things you should do and 3 things you shouldn’t do when shopping for the best auto insurance quotes.

First we’ll take a look at 3 Do’s:

1• Make sure you get auto insurance quotes from at lease five auto insurance companies. Don’t jump at the first good rates you see. After all, you wouldn’t purchase the first auto you look at on the lot – shop around.

2• Make sure information you submit to receive your auto insurance quotes is as accurate and complete as possible. The auto insurance quote is only as good as the information you submit.

3• Make sure the auto insurance quotes you get are for similar auto insurance policies. If the auto insurance policies are different – you won’t be able to trust the quality of the auto insurance quotes.

Now, we’ll take a look at 3 Don’ts:

1• Don’t let the sales person who contacts you with your auto insurance quotes talk to you into switching to their company until you’ve had a chance to analyze the auto insurance quotes from each insurance company.

2• Don’t let flashy auto insurance gimmicks motivate your decision to change auto insurance quotes. Often these flashy gimmicks sound good – but you probably won’t even use them.

3• Don’t forget to obtain auto insurance quotes with a wide range of deductible amounts. I’ve found that by raising my auto insurance deductible amount by only a few hundred dollars – I’ve saved thousands over the long haul.

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